“Between Worlds Language Service continues to be an invaluable resource in our projects involving public education materials about emergency preparedness. Between Worlds provides accurate English to Spanish translations that, not only capture our technical message, but also reflect the nuances of culture and language among the diverse groups of Spanish-speaking people in our community.  Between Worlds provides the translated text in a format that is easy-to-use for graphic designers who do not read Spanish”
Patricia Surrett
General Manager, Cheaha Media Consulting
Anniston, Alabama

“During the last seven years, Between Worlds has provided me with interpretation services in both criminal and civil matters during trials, hearings as well as in the office and in client/witness interviews in the field. Their assistance has been essential in helping me overcome the language barriers between my clients and me. They have conducted themselves with true professionalism and courtesy toward my clients, Judges and other courtroom personnel. I look forward to continue working with them for years to come. They have my strongest recommendation to anyone needing language services”
Jeffrey Ford, Attorney At Law
Anniston, Alabama

“For the last 5 years, Metro Services has contracted with Between Worlds Language Services for the translation and interpretation services on material and activities. These services are related to the Community Chemical Stockpile Emergency Preparedness Program (CSEPP) for Special Populations that the Emergency Management Agency (EMA) leads in the State of Alabama.

During this time of service, Between Worlds and its staff have demonstrated high standards of professional performance, commitment to and knowledge of the cultural competency needed to reach out to the Hispanic population targeted by the program. We are in the process of developing new projects with the state and local EMA to meet these population needs, for which we pursue to continue working with Between Worlds as the need arises”.

Vanda Holt
President, Metro Services LLC
Anniston, Alabama


“Blascrete has had the pleasure of utilizing the translation services of Between Worlds. They have translated technical documents for us as well as interpreting for visitors who have come to our factory.  The interaction of its staff with foreign visitors has been respectful and all excellent in nature”.

Jim Farrell
President, Blascrete Equipment Company
Anniston, Alabama