TranslationIt takes much more than a dictionary to be a good translator, and translators are not made overnight. To be a good translator requires a sizeable investment in both the source and the target languages, knowledge of the topic subject to translation and cultural awareness. It is one of the most challenging tasks to switch safely and faithfully between two universes of discourse.

To ensure that documents and communications carry the purpose and accurate meaning to reach your audience, we develop each project with native speakers of the target language and/or highly qualified translators with international affairs experience and advanced education in a wide range of disciplines, with specific knowledge in culture competitiveness, business, government, health, nature sciences and legal matters.

Our Project Management division supervises the translation process to ensure completeness in a timely fashion. Each document is translated, proofread, formatted and edited before reaching our client's desk.

Please keep in mind that Excellence and Total Client's Satisfaction are our goals achievable through
• Translators who are native speakers of target languages.
• Advanced education in different branches of medical, legal and business terminology.
• Services that include desktop publishing and website localization.
• Compliance of HIPAA regulations.

• Desktop Publishing & Typesetting
TranslationOur document translation process is developed by using standard software programs, including Microsoft Word, Word Perfect, Quark, PageMaker, Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, PowerPoint and Excel. We will provide you with usable, print-ready materials in any language and any format.
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• Translation Services for Website Localization

For complete multi-lingual website translation, we work in-house and with outstanding localization companies. We strive to provide high quality translation and cultural adaptation of your site content, while working closely with your web developers.
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• Translation Services for the Medical and Worker's Compensation Industry

Clear understanding of medical procedures, recommendations, and tests with results is crucial for the claimant's sake and the effectiveness of medical care and further treatment.

This is achieved when healthcare personnel and claimants receive professional language services that help build a caring relationship that gives both parties the confidence of concern-free medical encounters, and facilitates positive outcomes of treatment recommended and provided to accelerate the patient's recovery.

Often times, despite the assistance of a professional interpreter during the medical setting, non-English speaking claimants forget what has been told and recommended during the medical setting; or are not supplied with information written in their native language, related to their treatment.

At an affordable rate, Between Worlds is able to translate any transcript into the claimant's native language. This will offer him/her the convenience of reviewing any information about personal treatment, testing details and recommendations from the health care provider as needed, for helping reach the recovery within the expected promptness.
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• Translation services for Retirees

We love cultural diversity as we are part of it. Most of our interpreters and translators are natives from non-English speaking countries and we want to be part of the effort to promote the beauty and wonderful life style that those countries have to offer.

If you are planning to reside abroad, we can accurately and professionally translate all your legal paperwork required by the foreign governments and help you process them through the right channels to obtain the appropriate residence authorizations.

Your time and money are very valuable. Let us help you start living the good life that you deserve in exotic and paradisiacal places.
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