Manufacturing and Commerce

International trades and the global economy depend on the support of the language services industry in order to ensure fluent communication between the trading partners and to facilitate trade and commercial relations and an easier exchange of goods. By translating product descriptions, order lists and other important documents, fatal misunderstandings and therefore delays in delivery of products can be avoided.

The same applies to international marketing campaigns or advertising slogans that not only have to be translated, but also localized in order to adapt them for a foreign market. In these cases it's important that the documents are not translated word for word, but rather in a way that carries the message from one language (and thus, one cultural background) to the other.

As globalization moves forward and it is important to communicate to customers in the whole world, the demand for professional language services grows.

At Between Worlds, we strive in our efforts in building a team of top-notch linguists from around the globe with the expertise and knowledge required to satisfy the needs of the manufacturing and commerce markets, where competition is about to properly satisfy the demands of today's consumer without any delay.

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