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InterpreterMedical interpreting is a recognized profession all over the world. Health care providers strive to do a better and safer job taking care of their patients. Through language interpreting, providers can proficiently offer expert language support and culture brokering. Not only does this make patients more comfortable, but it greatly makes the provider's job more efficient and accurate, reducing the likelihood of medical errors.

CourtOn the other hand, ensuring access to justice and fair treatment for those who speak little or no English is a complex process. Given the range of languages spoken in the United States, it is believed that no other nation in the world faces an interpretation challenge as significant as the United States.

Since 2001, Between Worlds has provided high-quality interpretation and translation services to help different branches of the industry communicate in a diversity of settings. We aim to convey your messages from any source language into any target language within the realms of accuracy, cultural competency, professionalism, confidentiality and expertise as soon as your need arises.

Translation and interpreting mistakes can be costly, even disastrous. Let us provide you with meaningful linguistic services for yours and your client's benefit.

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We can help you communicate effectively, professionally, promptly and accurately – over the phone, in person or in written documentation.

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